Don’t you hate it when you book ‘pet-friendly’ accommodation only to find that your furkids aren’t allowed inside the house? Well you can relax this time because Yondah Beach House is genuinely pet-friendly.

We understand that your dog is an important member of the family (our rottie is a total princess) so yes, of course your dog is allowed inside… we’ll even leave out a small doggy gift to say ‘welcome’! With over 150 acres and 2km of coastline to explore, Yondah really is a dogs’ paradise!


The property is fenced on three sides with standard wire ‘farm’ fencing, however there’s no fencing on the ‘coast’ end where the house is located. So if your dog is a potterer and happy to stay with you, then no problem, especially as the house is 1km from the road. But if your dog is a wanderer or kangaroo chaser, he/she will need to be leashed. 

We’ve welcomed many different pets at Yondah including dogs, cats, birds and a turtle. Of course common sense should prevail at all times to prevent damage to the house, garden or the fragile coastal environment.


We supply two stainless steel dog dishes but you’ll need to bring your dog’s food and bedding etc. Although dogs are allowed inside, we ask that you never leave them alone in the house. We also ask that they not be allowed on the furniture, and that you don’t allow them to chase wildlife. And of course all dog poo should be properly disposed of in the rubbish.

Also, keep in mind that Yondah is located in a remote and natural coastal environment so snakes may be encountered in the warmer weather between October and March. For this reason, we suggest that dogs are kept on-leash when out walking during the warmer months. Please also note that we have no fenced area that’s suitable for ‘leaving’ your dog as this practice could increase the risk of snake bite.

“We just loved having our furkids with us”

“Hands down this was one of the most wonderful holidays we have ever had. Simply because we could take our furkids with us! This place is pure heaven, absolute magic”


“A paradise for dogs”

“Yondah was everything we remembered and more. It is such a special place and a paradise for dogs. We are so grateful that we can bring our beloved pooches with us.”


“We loved sharing all this with our beautiful dogs”

“Yondah has been on our bucket list for ages and it exceeded all expectations. We enjoyed magnificent sunrises, sunsets, howling gales, rain and swims in the cove, and to share all this with our beautiful dogs has been truly wonderful”


“Our beagle adored this place!”

“An amazing place, very comfortable and so very hard to leave. Our beagle adored this place. Seeing him bound through the acres with his ears flapping and the biggest smile on his face was a joy to behold!”


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